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    [brochure_slide_small][/brochure_slide_small] [container] [row] [cross_separator][/cross_separator] [text_center] With the brand new Alert365TM you can travel, shop and experience life to the fullest! You can live stress free knowing you are always protected with Alert365. Rest assured that with the simple push of a button you can quickly and easily contact emergency services, 24/7, no matter where you are. And our operators are EMT-trained and respond in an industry leading 30 seconds or less.** [/text_center] [/row] [row] [col3][features icon="pin" title="INSTANT GPS LOCATOR SERVICES" description="GPS locator services 
make sure that whether 
you are home or out, 
we can find you and 
respond quickly. "][/features][/col3] [col3][features icon="fall" title="ALERT365 ACCELEROMETER" description="Advanced Fall Detection Services sense a fall and notify emergency services even if you can't push the button!"][/features][/col3] [col3][features icon="umbrella" title="LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATERPROOF" description="Wear in the shower, running errands, traveling or 
doing work around 
the house."][/features][/col3] [col3][features icon="ambulance" title="QUICKEST RESPONSE TIMES AND EASY TO USE" description="Knowing Alert365 has one of the fastest response times in the industry provides you peace of mind, in an instant! Its so simple to use, you can start service the day you receive it. "][/features][/col3] [/row] [/container] [colorsec title="Get Alert365 today and you’ll receive:"] [container] [col4] [offert cross="true" title="free" subtitle="Month"][/offert] [/col4] [col4] [offert cross="true" title="free" subtitle="Fall Detection"][/offert] [/col4] [col4] [offert cross="false" title="free" subtitle="Shipping"][/offert] [/col4] [flag title="PLUS NO ACTIVATION FEE!"][/flag] [callnow][/callnow] [ordernow][/ordernow][/container][/colorsec][ordernowslide][/ordernowslide]